Tens of thousands of would-be immigrants are imprisoned in America’s Gulag all across the U.S.  Some cannot make bail while others are being held without bail. When it comes to immigration detention, it is important to know your rights!

Many of these prisoners of our broken immigration system have committed no crime, but are being charged with being present in the U.S. unlawfully or having violated their temporary or permanent resident status.  Often, their spouses and children are forced to live with relatives or to apply for welfare in order to support themselves while their loved ones remain locked up, waiting for their hearings before overworked Immigration Judges or for their appeals to be decided by either the Board of Immigration Appeals or the Federal Courts.

But, even though persons in immigration detention have less legal protections than do individuals accused of a crime ( whatever their legal status), they still have some rights.  We hope that this page helps you locate a family member who is in immigration detention and assists you in helping them assert their rights. We urge persons in state and local custody to take advantage of the ICE Detainee Hotline at (855) 448-6903

GENERAL INFORMATION – Immigration Detention

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